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About Auto Asylum, the window tinting specialists

Auto Asylum is a specialist Car Window Tinting company. Established since 1996, we have been providing the bench mark of quality tinting and service to both private and trade customers.

Auto Asylum was first established in 1996, when there was a limited number of tinting companies in the country and tint training was not ready available. When doing the research, I noticed that installation quality was very poor in the majority with just a few people working to high standards. Whilst finding my feet tinting was a very difficult and stressful job, I spent many frustrating hours developing my own closely guarded techniques to complete high quality industry benchmark installations.

As I was growing up I always had to be riding the cleanest bike, spending hours a week maintaining it! Then when I purchased my first car the obsession got worse cleaning it nearly every day and of course a coat of wax at least once a week!! (AKA OCD!!!). It has been said that this close attention to detail and my absolute determination to be the best is what makes me the accomplished tint installer that my many new car dealer and private customers have come to trust with their pride and joy. The repeat business and word of mouth referrals that I have come to enjoy have created the foundation of a successful strong company which has withstood the test of time. Read some our customer testimonials to find out for yourself.

Over the years I have seen many new companies starting up in our field most of which disappear just as quickly, leaving behind lots of unhappy customers with install defects that need attention. We thoroughly recommend that you do your own research to help ensure the company that you choose will still be there to provide a service to you.

Auto Asylum will take the care of your pride and joy. We have private gated secure parking with CCTV and a fully monitored alarm combined with full liability insurance. As our parking is exclusive, you can rest assured you will not pick up any of those annoying door dings or damage associated with parking on a busy industrial estate. The whole time you car is with us, it is in the view of our CCTV system which covers the inside and outside of the premises.

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