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Car Window Tinting - Tinted Windows - Security Window Films


There are a number of ways that your car can be tinted, the correct way and the shortcut lower cost route. We prefer to take pride in our workmanship and like to offer a lifetime warranty on our top of the range window tint installations.

You may find cheaper prices, but they usually come with a 1 year installation warranty and in the long term you may need to have the tinting reapplied.

When Auto Asylum install film to your car the end result will look as though it had been factory fitted.

LIfetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on our top of the range window tint installations

window tint installation
window tint installation
window tint installation
window tint installation
window tint installation

What we do

We carry out all car window tinting installations in a bright, spacious, clean and dust free workshop.


  • No damage to car in a cramped workshop.
  • We can see to ensure the cleanest of installations.
  • We are not working in a breezy, dusty infected workshop which is necessary to guarantee a clean, blemish free installation.

We remove all windows held in by rubber seals and tint right to the edge of the windows.


  • No light gaps around the perimeter of the window to the rubber seal.
  • No need to trim the inside of the rubber seals to hide light gaps and avoid removing windows. This will weaken the security of your car, let alone the damage caused.

Both the above shortcuts may save time and money but they are not considered acceptable options by us.

We remove all door panels and trims where necessary which costs time and money.


  • No creasing of the window film
  • Patterns can be installed with minimum obstacles in the way.
  • Allow room to properly mask off all trims which may infect the installation

We offer top quality car window films supplied with long warranty.


  • Cheaper window films are generally supplied with a 1 year warranty. We have lifetime ownership warranty available
  • Cheap films Will fade and discolour. Ours lifetime films will not.
  • No guarantee of colour matches if one window is smashed as with ours.
  • Cheap films have Lower heat rejection than ours.
  • Reduced visibility. Everything appears the colour of the dye, not true colour as with our Lifetime tinted films

We make exact size templates ensuring perfect installations.


  • No raised or unsightly jagged edges to be caught which would cause the film to peel, drastically reducing life expectancy of installation.
  • No light gaps on top of the window or badly trimmed edges.

Where possible, we fit one-piece rear screen installations (99% cars).


  • No visible seams across rear screen.
  • No edges to catch when cleaning.
  • No risk of damaging the demisting lines.

We check all cars for imperfections and detail all edges.


  • Quality assurance on blemish free installations.
  • No lifted areas exposed to dirt infection.
  • Looks like factory glass.
  • Longer lasting installation.

We use water filtered through various systems to ensure the cleanest installations.


When even the smallest amounts of impurities found in water are trapped between the film and the glass it can stop the window film sitting around them. This combined with the fact that they appear magnified by the glass causes it to look like an all over infection and is very unsightly.

We complete all cars within the specified period on the specified date.


  • No waiting around or losing your car for days.
  • Working from premises ensures no dependency upon weather conditions.

We keep individual trays for fittings removed from each panel / door of your car.


  • No lost fittings.
  • Correctly fitting door panels and trims.
  • No hanging or squeaky door panels.

We mask off all areas of trim that may cause infection.


  • This may be time consuming but ensures the cleanest installations.

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